Happening up North today

Happening up north designs, creates and manages events with a very specific focus. Our interest is in creating and delivering events that change your relationship with your intended clients and audience.

We use a wide variety of techniques to get people engaged and identified with your brand and its purposes and design calls to action that encourage active ownership of and participation in your project. The aim is for your target groups to take pride in identifying themselves with your brand and become advocates and ambassadors for your name, your products and your services.

For example, when we wanted local businesses to support and endorse our Vintage Newbiggin – Easter by the Sea Festival, we created a best dressed vintage shop window competition sponsored by our media partners with an advertising package for the winning business as a prize. Participating businesses introduced their designs to their customers through social media and the public were encouraged to support their favourite design by sharing and commenting.

Whether your plans are to launch a new product, fund raise, extend your supporter list, regenerate your community, reach a new market or change your relationship with current customers we will manage your events to ensure that they generate a sense of an active community around your interests.

For example, when we wanted local residents to get involved in a Rothbury village event we created participation opportunities for children’s groups thus ensuring that parents and grandparents would attend in support.

We are great believers that, with careful planning, 1+1 can equal 3. We use our networking skills, lateral thinking and contacts to broker win-win partnerships. Director, Kate in particular is a very effective creator of those productive synergies that optimise your impact whilst minimising cost and effort.

For example working with the Cumbrian Chamber of Commerce, Kate reframed the narrative of employer involvement in education switching it from the CSR to the talent management agenda thus ensuring that long term, sustainable partnerships were based on self-interest rather than charity.