We are delighted to have been accepted as a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Happening up North will be pleased to help you create an event, strengthen your corporate communications, marketing, press relations, social media or digital media profile. Up to 35% of the cost of qualifying projects can be granted by NEBSL and we will be pleased to help you with the process. 




Happening up north designs, creates and manages events with a very specific focus. Our interest is in creating and delivering events that change your relationship with your intended clients and audience.

We use a wide variety of techniques to get people engaged and identified with your brand and its purposes and design calls to action that encourage active ownership of and participation in your project. The aim is for your target groups to take pride in identifying themselves with your brand and become advocates and ambassadors for your name, your products and your services.

In 2013 happeningupnorth’s director, Kate Holt, had realised that although she had lived in Rothbury for almost 10 years, she knew almost nobody beyond her immediate neighbours and the businesses she used in the village. Wondering how this could be, Kate realised that for those women who were not part of the school gate gang or a church congregation and too young to benefit from all the activities offered by U3A, there was no overarching organisation to belong to.